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The Sporthèque de Hull, with its 5,500 members and more than 2000 clients in special programs, is the best in the field of fitness and fitness in the Outaouais. In its early days, in 1981, Sporthèque offered its members mainly access to racket sports. 35 years later, the club innovates with a brand new FIT training room and a refurbishment of the gym space.
Our club covers an area of ​​82,800 square feet and since its inauguration in 1981, various expansions have been made to adapt our offer to the changing demands of physical activity. The addition of an indoor pool and spa in 1995, a fitness expansion several times, the inauguration of a hot yoga room and in 2015, the addition of our Studio FIT some examples.
Always eager to improve the health and well-being of its clientele, Sporthèque is constantly innovating and offers a wide range of services. By consulting the Program Guide, you will be able to see what's new for this year. For example, the popular tennis tournament Futures, sanctioned by Tennis Canada and the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP) has been held every spring for the past 10 years.


2017: Complete renovation of the men's locker room
Additions over time:
  • Studio FIT (October 2015)
  • Relocation of the aerobic room to the ground floor (October 2015);
  • Expansion of the muscle building zone (October 2015);
  • New Ultimate subscription giving, among other things, unlimited access to Studio Yama (July 2012);
  • Reservation of your place for yoga classes via the web (September 2012);
  • New lighting in tennis courts: new neon lights T5 allowing lighting 5 times and without heat production (summer 2012);
  • Addition of 6 new spin bikes (winter 2013);
  • Physical activity programs for youth specifically designed to improve their concentration, self-esteem and body awareness (PedaYoga, Zumbatonic, "Move your neurons", ...) (Fall 2012)
  • Renovation of the men's locker room in the aquatic sector (summer 2011);
  • Addition of special programs to the regular Prestige subscription: aquaforme, pilates and taichi (summer 2011);
  • Reservation of tennis courts / squash / racquetball and spin bikes via the web booking console (Spring 2011)

The club facilities:

  • Swimming pool: Salt-water indoor swimming pool including three 20-meter corridors, a circular basin for aquafitness courses, a gradual access ramp for easy access, and a whirlpool bath maintained between 101 and 103 ° F ;
  • Five (5) indoor tennis courts;
  • Four (4) squash courts;
  • Cardiovascular training area: More than 60 cardio machines, including treadmills, ellipticals, bicycles, rowers, steps and step-skating.
  • Weights: More than 50 weight machines and 8 free weight racks and kettlebells ranging from 3 to 110 lbs.
  • Three (3) fully equipped studios (free weights, Bosu, balloons, carpets, steps, dance ropes, TRX ...) for group physical exercise (aerobics, personal training and special programs):
  • Spin studio: about forthy bikes
  • Sauna in each dressing room (2nd floor).

Additional services

  • Clothing and sports equipment shop (La Foulée Sportive);
  • Bistro Sporthèque;
  • Providing private or semi-private tennis, squash, swimming lessons;
  • Tennis leagues;
  • March and summer camp for 5 to 12 year olds;
  • Room rental ;
  • A team of certified personal trainers and experts in the field;
  • Dietitian-nutritionist services;
  • Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy (Santé Universelle).


  • Future Tournament (ITF / ATP Professional);
  • Club Tennis Tournament;
  • Club Squash Tournament;
  • Business Challenge;
  • Annual wine and cheese;


The convivial atmosphere and the permanent presence of the administrative team reinforces our mission:
To provide a warm and friendly environment for members and non-members of our institution in clean and welcoming facilities. Become a second home for all our clients and create an environment conducive to physical activity for all levels of participants so that everyone can find their own challenge! Always be innovative and pioneering in the diversity of programming, offering a service of the highest quality and professional in all circumstances is the mission of the Sporthèque.


Be the leader in the field of fitness in the Outaouais region and remains the number one in the diversity of our offerings.


Integrity of:
  • How to do things our way and adapt what exists to our clientele;
  • Our transparency in our products;
  • Our honesty and fairness to our clients;

Professionalism from:

  • Our teams of professionals trained and on the lookout for new developments in the field of physical activity;
  • Our customer service;
  • Our rigor in our files with our clients;


The clientele of the club is mainly family and urban. The average age of the clientele is between 31 and 60 years.


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