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* Certain conditions apply. Reservations can be made up to 24 hours in advance for each course. The reservation must be made for each of the yoga sessions. No reservation is made for sessions beyond 24 hours.

Studio Yama is a unique yoga center in the Outaouais. Located in St. Joseph / Jean-Proulx sector in Hull the Yama studio offers a wide variety of yoga classes taught by expert teachers.. In addition, Studio Yama is the only yoga center in the Outaouais to offer a true Hot Yoga room.


Yoga is for everyone who wants to bring a positive contact with themselves with better use of mental, emotional, psychological and physical energy,. Yoga is to experience the unity of mind, bosy and spirit.

Yoga has nothing to do with religion, mysticism and occultism. It is a scientific and progressive method based on Tantra, which offers in practice, creating harmony and balance in the different parts of our life and our person. Its aim is to reach a state of peace, balance and harmony of our whole being, inside and outside.

high technology rooms

Studio Yama has invested heavily to bring you the best for your yoga practice. Two rooms of 40 seats are available. These rooms are furnished and decorated with care to allow you to find inner peace. Neutral colors and hardwood floors welcome you and offer you the feeling of being at home.

Hot Yoga

Because of the heat, hot yoga helps you achieve more elaborate postures generating physical and mental benefits. Like thousands of fans have already discovered, you will be able to see that the practice of yoga at this temperature gives great physical and spiritual satisfaction.

Hot Yoga can:

Warm the muscles to be able to deliver better performance;
Promote weight loss by water loss;
Rapidly improve the flexibility of the body;
Strengthen and tone muscles;
Remove toxins from the body through sweating;
Assist with the healing of the mind.

Our yoga classes

Hatha Yoga: Hatha Yoga is an exercise program of stretching, concentration and breathing techniques . Hatha Yoga helps relieve stress while restoring your vitality and flexibility. A course that can be tailored to students of all levels.

Yin Yoga: Postures are maintained for a long period of time (2-5 min.), comfortably and without muscular effort. The stretching is performed in the connective tissue, fascia, tendons and ligaments. Provides a range of motion and a deep well-being.

Gentle Yoga: Gentle yoga is a way to practice the classic yoga postures smoothly. Accessible to all, gentle yoga promotes relaxation and is an important stress release of everyday life.

Yoga Flow: Yoga Flow is a fluid, dynamic and accessible discipline that develops strength and generates a lot of energy. Yoga postures are synchronized with breath. For advanced customers.

Kripalu Yoga: Yoga Kripalu yoga, mindfulness. The pace is slow and soft. The emphasis is on breathing. For all levels.

Anusara Yoga: The practice of this style of hatha yoga centralizes attitude, alignment and action. It combines non-dualistic philosophy of kindness inseparable with elegant universal alignment principles that represent a celebration of the heart. For all levels.

Power Yoga: In this derivative of Ashtanga Yoga, traditional yoga postures are practiced in a more dynamic pace to raise body temperature and heart rate while developing a greater awareness of his body. You will gain strength, flexibility and balance of body and mind. For advanced customers.

Ashtanga Yoga: Ashtanga is a dynamic and muscular yoga that develops flexibility, endurance and strength. Ashtanga yoga classes explore a series of postures emphasizing the synchronicity between breath and movement.
This course is suitable for students of all levels.

Yoga restaurateur: Restaurateur yoga is a form of yoga which aims physical, mental and emotional relaxation. Some restorative yoga poses are beneficial for the entire body. Others act on specific organs such as the heart or lungs.

Powercore: Ready to sweat? Powercore Yoga is rigorous and demanding yoga course with strength postures  You will move and sweat! True to its name, this class focuses to build and engage your core strength to help you through the more advanced postures. With energizing music in a heated room, yoga strengthens Powercore, balance, detoxifies and refreshes the body and mind. For advanced customers.


Click here  to consult the class schedule.  Reservations can be made 24 hour in advance.

Equipment needed

  • Water bottle
     It is important to arrive well hydrated during. By the same token, it is essential to bring a bottle of water during your yoga practice. You'll see, you'll need it!
  •  Two (2) towels
You can put a towel over your mattress during the course. It will be used to absorb excess sweat and help keep you in place during the course. The other will be for the shower towel. If you do not have a towel, it is possible to rent to low-fee receipt.
  •   Yoga mat
  •   Wear light clothing like shorts, leggings, tank top or t-shirt in which you feel comfortable practicing yoga. Do not forget! Clothing should remain comfortable even when wet!

Staff experience

Our team of teachers was selected for its expertise and experience. Many of them bring many years of experience in this field and are happy to share their passion. Their approach in teaching, practice and discipline of yoga is rigorous, but adapted to the group and their level
of experience. Come see why so many people practice Yoga! Our team will be quite pleased to share with you the passion of this millennium practice.


Wendy Issa
Wendy is certified in Power Vinyasa Yoga taken in Costa Rica. She teaches various styles of Yoga and emphasizes direct contact with people.  She enjoys having the connection with her students, in return it is a rewarding experience.





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